Community Services

Officers involved in the Community Service Program provide long-term solutions and preventative strategies to keep the city’s residents and visitors safe and reduce the opportunity for crime to take place. Along with public presentations and tours of the police department, the Community Service officer is able to provide hands-on help from ensuring your child safety seat is installed properly to checking on your home while you’re on vacation. The Community Service Program also administers the Law Enforcement Explorer Post 312.  Working together as a community that cares, we can reduce the opportunity and effects of crime in the City of Warren.



 Child Safety Seat Installation

The City of Warren Police Department offers a certified child seat technician to assist you with the installation of your child safety seat and to answer any questions. To schedule an appointment contact the front desk at (814)723-2700 ext 125.

 Child ID

The City of Warren Police Department provides a fingerprinting program for your child. The packet contains personal information that can be used to assist law enforcement in locating a missing child.

 Home Security Survey

The City of Warren Police and Fire Departments offer a residential security and safety survey to enhance your personal safety, protect valuables in your home, and address safety issues regarding building and fire safety. We can assess your home or apartment’s security by checking doors, locks, windows, lighting, and landscaping and provide information on personal safety issues to family members regarding door/telephone answering procedures, locking responsibilities, and intruder-in-the-house procedures. We address alarm issues and "special" security measures regarding safes, guns, and jewelry, as well as protecting traceable property such as computers, stereos, and television sets by using “Operation Identification.” You can reduce the risk by following recommendations made through a residential security survey. This service is provided at no cost.

 Pharmaceutical Drug Drop Box

Unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs have been determined to present substantial risks to our community by either falling into the wrong hands, or by damaging our environment through improper disposal. It is this awareness that has resulted in the Warren Police Department providing a safe, alternative method to dispose of unwanted pharmaceuticals. The drop box is available to the public Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Medications may be dropped off at the front desk with the receptionist, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm. Medications in standard containers may be remain in those containers. Loose medication may be put into sealed plastic bags. Please ensure any liquid medication is enclosed in secure containers and placed in a sealed plastic bag before depositing. Syringes cannot be placed in the drop box under any circumstances as this creates a hazardous situation for Department personnel. It is lawful to dispose of needles by placing in them in a hard plastic container, i.e. laundry detergent bottle or coffee container, filled with bleach water and duct-taped shut to be placed out with your regular garbage pickup.