Budget Development & Management

The City of Warren adopts an annual appropriated budget for its general fund. A budgetary comparison schedule is provided in the City’s Annual Financial Report for the general fund to demonstrate compliance with this budget. The City also adopts a budget for the capital improvement program fund, the sewer revenue fund, and the parking revenue fund.
Budget Policy
The City follows these procedures in establishing the budget:
  1. In accordance with the City’s Home Rule Charter, on or before 45 days prior to December 31, the City Manager submits a proposed budget and an accompanying message to the City Council for the ensuing year. The message explains the budget both in fiscal terms and in terms of programs, policies, activities, and plans. The budget document provides a financial plan of the General Fund, the Community Improvement Fund, the Sewer Revenue Fund, and the Parking Revenue Fund for the upcoming year and is balanced in that the total of proposed expenditures does not exceed total estimated revenues. The Budget is in such form as the City Manager deems desirable.
  2. A public hearing is conducted to obtain taxpayer comment.
  3. Prior to December 31, the budget is legally enacted by resolution.
  4. Formal budgetary integration is employed as a management control device during the year for the General Fund, the Community Improvement Fund, and the enterprise funds.
  5. Adoption of the budget constitutes the appropriation of the amounts specified in the General Fund as expenditures.
  6. Appropriations may be transferred within departments at any time during the year by the City Manager. City Council may, by resolution, transfer appropriations between departments. Appropriations may not be reduced below any amounts required by law or by more than the amount of unappropriated balance remaining.
  7. Appropriations lapse at the end of each fiscal year unless encumbered.
  8. City Council may authorize supplemental appropriations during the year.