Redevelopment Authority

The City of Warren Redevelopment Authority (RDA) is charged with the acquisition and sound replanning and redevelopment of properties which have been designated as blighted through First and Second Declarations of Blight by the Blighted Property Review Committee and through Concurrence of Blight from the City of Warren Planning Commission. The Authority may also acquire non-blighted properties for purposes of redevelopment.

The Authority meets in the Municipal Building at 1:00 PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month and is comprised of five members who are appointed to serve five-year terms. In addition, City Council member Phil Gilbert serves in an advisory, non-voting capacity.


Term Expiration

Gary Sawtelle, Chair


Michael Boyd, Vice-Chair


Douglas Hearn, Treasurer


William Champlin

Philip Dellamedagalia 12/31/2026
Last updated 7/19/2024