On Street Dumpsters & Construction Vehicle Permits



Once you’ve filed and been approved for an on street parking permit, roll-off dumpsters may be placed adjacent to active construction sites, provided:

(1) That said unit is made clearly visible through use of construction cones, lighting, and/or reflective tape.
(2) All contents are properly secured so as not to be deposited on the street.
(3) Proper measures such as planking must be used so as to prevent damage to the street surface.
(4) Chocks are to be placed so as to prevent any movement of the dumpster by rolling, sliding, or tilting
(5) Roll-offs placed for construction purposes shall be removed upon completion of the work. Should work cease for any period in excess of two weeks, the roll-off shall be removed until such time as work resumes.


Once you’ve filed and been approved for an on street parking permit, “Special mobile equipment, such as a contractor utility trailer that is in good condition, is visible to the motoring public, and is necessary for the contractor to safely or effectively complete necessary work, may be granted an exception for a time period which is necessary and reasonable to complete the work contemplated and during which the contractor is actively engaging in the construction project” (Ordinance 1800).

Additionally, if your vehicle or trailer requires the “use of a metered space for a full day or days because of construction, repair or similar work at one location, on a temporary basis,” you must “apply to the Chief of Police for a daily permit at a rate per day equal to full use of the meter for that day, and display of said permit on the sun visor on the driver's side shall exempt the vehicle from the requirements of this article. The Chief of Police shall have discretion in issuing said permits” (Ordinance 1847, Section 4-7.C).


Once you’ve filed and been approved for an on street parking permit, placement of a portable storage container may be permitted at the discretion of, and for a time period specified by, the City Manager or designee and shall be subject to the conditions for On-Street Dumpsters (Ordinance 1800).