Building & Construction Code

The Department will assist you with all building and construction forms throughout the application process for work being performed within the City of Warren. 

Residential Permits are required for the construction of new homes, additions, alterations, basement remodels, sunrooms, swimming pools, hot tubs/spas, decks, porches, and the like. Projects such as minor repairs of a non-structural nature, painting, siding, carpeting, door/window replacement, and roofing material do not require a building permit. Some small projects such as accessory buildings (less than 1000 square fee) and fences may only require a zoning permit. Please consult the Building Codes Department for assistance in determining whether a permit is required for your planned project(s).   

Commercial Permits are required for remodels, alterations, change of use, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roofing, and the like. A demolition checklist will accompany all commercial applications. Please consult the Building Codes Department for assistance in determining which forms and permits will be required for your project(s). 

Effective July 1, 2009, home improvement contractors must be registered and licensed by the Office of the Attorney General. To learn more about this law and what it means to you visit the PA State Attorney General's Office website. The City of Warren is not responsible for enforcement of the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act 132.

Effective January 1, 2022, the City of Warren contracted with Bureau Veritas, one of the nation's largest building code inspection firms, which is responsible for building inspections and assuring compliance with all applicable state-mandated regulations and codes. All applications and correspondence are required to be received at the City of Warren Building Codes Office for Zoning approvals prior to submission to Bureau Veritas. 

Please contact us or visit the forms page to find additional information and answers to common questions.