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Prevention Services

The Fire Department presents a variety of classes intended to reduce the risk from fire and other hazards by teaching safe behavior and demonstrating proper actions to take should an emergency occur.

Available programs utilize lectures, videos, and literature to address a variety of safety-related topics. Presentations are suitable for a wide range of audiences from preschool to senior citizens. Programs may be customized to meet specific needs and are available for citizen groups as well as business and industry.

Programs currently available include:

  • Programs designed specifically for each grade/age level preschool through eighth grade
  • Programs addressing the needs of senior citizens
  • Programs for group home residents and staff
  • Proper use of fire extinguishers
  • Fire and general safety practices for babysitters
  • Fire safety and prevention for adults. This program is frequently presented to Parent/Teacher organizations and other adult service groups.
  • Building evacuation planning.

The Department provides instruction at playgrounds and the Municipal Pool during the summer months and is available to participate in special events such as Project Kid Safe and career days. 

To schedule Public Education Services, phone 723-2950.