Parking Validations from Downtown Merchants

Many downtown merchants offer parking validations for the Midtown Parking Lot and for On-Street Meters to their patrons. 
Purchase Validations (Merchants Only)
Validations for the Midtown Lot are handled through our online CALE kiosk and Passport parking enforcement system.  A merchant is provided a unique coupon code, and can change the code as frequently as they like (monthly, weekly, daily or even one code per customer per day).  Each coupon is worth a set amount determined by the merchant.  Customers enter their license plate number into the multi-space paystation in the lot, then enter their coupon code instead of cash, and complete the transaction by hitting the green button.  If the customer needs additional time beyond what the coupon provides, the customer can add additional payment.  Merchants are invoiced monthly by the City's OmniPark system and save 50% off the parking rate.  Contact the Parking Enforcement Office for more information or get set-up.
Validation for parking meters are handled with tokens.  Merchants purchase tokens at a reduced rate of 50 tokens for $5 (50% off the parking rate).  Merchants can then provide the tokens to their customers.  Contact the Parking Enforcement Office for more information or to place an order.