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Blighted Property Review Committee


The Blighted Property Review Committee (BPRC) is charged with the review of properties which have become derelict, abandoned, or unfit for human habitation or other use by reasons of age, obsolescence, prolonged vacancy, dilapidation, deterioration, lack of maintenance and care, or general neglect. After a review of subject properties, the BPRC may elect to award First and Second Declarations of Blight. The property is then forwarded to the Planning Commission for its Concurrence of Blight and, subsequently, the property is referred to the Redevelopment Authority.


While several properties have ultimately been referred to the Redevelopment Authority for disposition, the BPRC has also been highly successful in encouraging property owners to take corrective action which has resulted in removal from the list of blighted properties.


The BPRC meets as needed on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM in the second floor Council Chambers. 


The Commission is comprised of five members representing City Council, City Staff, Planning Commission, Redevelopment Authority, and an appointed citizen.

 Member  Representing  Term Expiration Date 
 Raymond Pring, Jr., Chair        Planning Commission  12/31/2024
 Denise Whip, Vice-Chair  Citizen  12/31/2024
 Maurice Cashman  City Council  12/31/2023
 Dave Krogler  City Staff  12/31/2023
 Douglas Hearn  Redevelopment Authority  12/31/2023