Frequently Asked Questions


 How should I contact the Fire Department to arrange a non-emergency service, such as a Fire Prevention Class, or to ask a question?

If you need to contact the Fire Department, and do not need emergency assistance, phone 723-8110 or 723-2950. As always, in case of emergency, phone 9-1-1.

 I have a fire extinguisher that may need to be filled. What should I do?

Although the Fire Department does not test or fill fire extinguishers, there are vendors who do. Allen Fire Equipment is located in this area and may be contacted at 716-763-8429.

 My smoke alarm periodically "chirps." I don't smell smoke or see any fire. What should I do?

Normally, when a smoke alarm sounds a periodic 'chirp" it is an indication that you should change the battery. However, in the case of an alarm with a 10-year lithium battery, the chirp may indicate that the unit has reached the end of its service life and needs to be replaced. If you are uncertain or need assistance, you may contact the Fire Department at 814-723-8110 or 814-723-2950.

 What is the purpose of a City of Warren Ambulance Subscription and how can I get one?

The purchase of a City of Warren Ambulance Membership entitles the subscriber to utilize emergency ambulance services and eliminates your "out-of-pocket" expense under certain circumstances. As a "member," we will waive unpaid balances (excluding deductibles) for any billable "emergency service" rendered after your insurance company processes your bill. Any insurance coverage which you may have, including secondary insurance, will be billed, and the reimbursement will be accepted as payment in full by the service provider. 

Regardless of whether or not you have a City of Warren Ambulance Subscription, if you require an ambulance for an emergency within the City, a City ambulance will be dispatched and assistance will be provided.

If you wish to purchase a City of Warren Ambulance Subscription, click here for the application or phone 814-723-2950 to request that an application be mailed to you.

 I recently utilized City Ambulance Services. Why did I receive correspondence from Quick Med Claims in Pittsburgh??

Quick Med Claims is a third party billing service utilized by the Department. They may send you a bill and request any additional information that may be needed. Quick Med Claims will submit the claim to your insurance provider as appropriate. 

 I received a check from my insurance company after using City Ambulance Services. What should I do?

Some types of insurance remit payment for City Ambulance Services directly to the insured. If you receive an insurance check directly for ambulance services provided, you should remit it to Quick Med Claims at the following address: 
          Quick Med Claims
          1400 Lebanon Church Road
          Pittsburgh, PA 15236 
Be sure to include the patient's full name and the date of service (DOS). A copy of the insurance explanation of benefits (EOB) is also helpful.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please contact the City Fire Department at 814-723-2950. 

 Who should I call if I have an ambulance billing question?

You may call Quick Med Claims at 412-386-8750 or the City Fire Department at 814-723-2950 for assistance. 

 I would like to become a City of Warren Firefighter, what should I do?

The City of Warren Fire Department generally recruits in early spring; however, you may submit an employment application at any time. You may find additional information under the Utilitiy Firefighter tab.