Piercing Nozzle Training Exercise
Extrication Training
Extrication Training

Department Training

The Department's training program encompasses the training of recruits, maintenance and update of skills for existing personnel, and advanced training. Training is scheduled on a monthly basis and is provided in-house by certified Department instructors and through the use of various resources such as the State Fire Academy. The Department's drill tower located on Harmar Street has enhanced the ability to conduct drills and other training.

Pre-fire surveys of various structures throughout the City are also conducted as part of the training program to  enhance emergency response operations.

An average of 1200 hours of training are documented each year. Personnel receive specialized training in subject areas including high angle rescue, trench rescue, structural fire rescue, pumps, and weapons of mass destruction. All personnel maintain CPR and EMT certifications and participate in a rigorous departmental physical fitness program. Many of the Department's personnel are certified as FF I or FF II or have other specialized training.