Parking Permit Frequently Asked Questions


 How do I pay with cash or check?

You must first register online and rather than putting in a credit card, select “SKIP / PAY OFFLINE” on the credit card entry screen. Once you have created your account, select the permit type you want (for example, Clark Street Garage Nonresident Monthly permit). Your permit will be pending until you come to the Police Department window at the City of Warren Municipal Building and make your payment with cash or check. Just like online, there is still a $1 processing fee for this transaction. Your permit space will then be assigned to you.

 What if I don’t want my account set to automatically pay each month?

By default, all accounts are set up to automatically renew.  If you would like this feature turned off and would instead like a monthly payment reminder emailed to you, email the Parking Operations Office with your name and phone number and they will turn off your auto-pay feature within 2 business days.

 What if I don't pay by the 1st of the month?

If you make your payment late, there is a 10% penalty made on your account.  Keeping your account on auto-pay mode will ensure you won't be charged the late fee.

 What is the $1 processing fee?

This is the fee for processing the permit through the Passport Parking system. No matter what type of payment is used, the $1 processing fee applies to all transactions.