Building and Codes Department: Property Maintenance

The Codes and Planning Department administers the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) which applies to all properties and residences in the City.  The City administers the IPMC using the 2012 edition as adopted by Ordinance No. 1866 in April 2016.

The goal of the Department is to encourage both owners and tenants to voluntarily eliminate any violations that may exist so that the City remains a community in which we can be proud to live.  Code compliance is accomplished through a process which includes education, inspection, and formal and informal notices.  Violations which continue after the compliance date or repeat offenders are then followed by progressive enforcement.  Decisions of the Code Official may be appealed through the Property Maintenance Board of Appeals.

The City of Warren invites you to measure your home, business, or property against this checklist.  This list includes common neighborhood expectations and City Ordinance requirements.

Last updated 3/20/2023