Midtown Parking Lot

The Midtown Parking Lot, located at 230 Second Avenue, Warren, PA 16365, uses multi-space paystations (parking kiosks) to register your vehicle to park in the lot. The first half hour in the lot is free, and each additional hour is $1. To take advantage of the free half hour or to pay-to-park, each vehicle must be registered at the paystation by entering your license plate number.  If just taking advantage of half hour free parking, after entering license, press the green button to complete your transaction.  If you need additional time, deposit US coin or currency for the time you wish to park. Exact change only (machine does not give change).  The paystations also accept debit/credit cards and validation codes available from local participating merchants. You may also use our smartphone app to pay for parking in this lotAn example of how to use the multi-space paystations is provided here. There are four kiosks for your convenience.

175 Spaces Available:

  • $8 maximum daily rate
  • 6 disability parking spaces
  • A maximum of 3 validations may be used per day

Up to ½          hour                No Charge

½ to 1             hours              $.50

1 – 2               hours              $1.00             

2 - 3                hours              $2.00

3 - 4                hours              $3.00

4 - 5                hours              $4.00

5 - 6                hours              $5.00

6 - 7                hours              $6.00

7 - 8                hours              $7.00

8 or more       hours              $8.00 max per day