Zoning and Sign Ordinances

The Department of Codes and Planning  oversees the City of Warren Zoning and Sign Ordinances and issues required permits upon approval of a completed application.

A zoning permit is required for the following:

  • The proposed erection, extension, or alteration of any structure or portion of any structure including, but not limited to, new dwelling units, room additions, decks, enclosed porches, gazebos, pavilions, garages, carport, utility sheds, swimming pools, retaining walls. or fences.
  • The proposed use or change in use of a structure, portion of a structure or land (for example: a change from residential to office use).
  • The proposed change in use by a new landowner or tenant for commercial and industrial properties.
  • Installation or alteration of signs.

A zoning permit must be obtained prior to the  Department of Codes and Planning issuing a building permit. 

Below are links to helpful information and instructions to assist you in decision-making in regard to your project and to assist you in accurately completing the required application(s). The forms listed below may be completed and printed prior to visiting the Department in the Municipal Building at 318 West Third Avenue.

Commercial sign applications and applications for illuminated signage may be obtained at the City of Warren Codes Department and are subject to all applicable UCC regulations. The Codes Department staff is able to assist you in determining the application to be used and encourages applicants to visit the office prior to submitting any sign application.