Per the Code of the City of Warren, it is unlawful for any person to make any tunnel, opening, test hole or excavation of any kind in or under the surface of any street without first securing a permit from the City for each separate undertaking; provided, however, any person maintaining pipes, lines or other underground facilities in or under the surface of any street may proceed with an opening without a permit when emergency circumstances demand the work to be done immediately, provided the permit could not reasonably and practically have been obtained beforehand. The person shall thereafter apply for a permit on the first regular business day on which the City office is open for business, and said permit shall be retroactive to the date when the work was begun. In all cases where emergency openings are necessary, the City Police Department shall be notified prior to such opening. The fee for this permit shall be as established from time to time by resolution of City Council.


Chapter 410, Article VIII Street Excavations, Openings and Pavement Cuts