Real Estate Tax Collection

2023 Real Estate Taxes
  • Discount Amount – Taxes must be paid between August 1 and September 30, 2023
  • Face Amount – Taxes must be paid between October 1 and November 30, 2023
  • Penalty Amount – Taxes become delinquent on December 1, 2023. Payment will be received at the City Tax Office through April 12, 2024. All payments made between April 1 and April 12, 2024 must be by cash, credit card, or certified check; no personal checks will be accepted. 2023 Real Estate taxes not received by April 12, 2024 will not be accepted at the City Tax Office, but will be turned over to the Warren County Tax Claim Bureau for collection beginning on May 1, 2024. 

The School District tax bill may be paid in installments:  NO DISCOUNT ALLOWED.

  • FIRST  installment payment MUST be received or postmarked by September 15 to qualify for the installment payment option.
  • SECOND  installment due: October 15
  • THIRD  installment due: November 15
A 10% penalty is added for late payment of the second and/or third installments.
The City of Warren is the appointed Tax Collector for City/County/School Real Property Taxes.  The City of Warren imposes a tax on all Real Estate in the City.  The Warren County Assessment Office determines the value of the property on which taxes must be paid.  Real Estate Tax bills for the City and County are included on one bill.  The tax for the School District is billed separately.  Both bills are mailed out annually on the first business day in August for the current year.  If you have a mortgage and your property taxes are escrowed, your tax bills should be mailed by you to your mortgage company for payment from your escrow fund.
If property has been sold and you receive tax bills in error, please forward bills to the new owner or return to the City Tax Office with any information you may have.
Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion

If you are an eligible property owner, you have received tax relief through a Homestead/Farmstead exclusion which has been provided under the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act, a law passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly designed to reduce your SCHOOL property taxes.  The tax reduction has been funded from slot money revenue from the state.  



LOCAL TAX COLLECTION LAW: Act of May 25, 1945, P.L. 1050, No. 394, Section 7.

Effect of Failure to Receive Tax Notice
“Failure to receive tax notice shall not relieve any taxpayer from the payment of any taxes imposed by any taxing district, and such taxpayer shall be charged with his taxes as though he had received notice.”
Calculation and Time of Payment for Taxes Due

The property tax is levied each June on the assessed valuation of property located in the City as of the preceding June. Assessed values are established annually by Warren County and are equalized by the State at an estimated 50% of current market value. Taxes are paid at discount to September 30 and at par to November 30. Taxes paid after November 30 are assessed a 10% penalty.

Unpaid property taxes are returned to the County Tax Claim Bureau by the City on the last Monday in April and will be in the Tax Claim Bureau by May 1. The property is levied at that time. Delinquent notices are sent in June. Taxpayers have until the following May to pay the balance at which point notices are mailed for Tax Sale. If unpaid by June 30, property is advertised for sale in July. The property is then posted in July or August and usually sold on the last Monday of September.