View from Washington Park

Washington Park Concept Plan

The City of Warren recognizes the need to be proactive in assessing the need for future recreation opportunities within the City and in developing a comprehensive plan for future development of its parklands. Due to the highly competitive nature of grant funding, it is imperative that there be a conceptual plan, at the minimum, in place when applying for grant funds. Therefore, the City contracted with Mackin Engineers & Consultants to develop a conceptual plan in regard to potential future uses of the 65-acre Washington Park. A separate Comprehensive Parks Plan which encompasses all other parklands has also been developed. 

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, Matt Lokay, Senior Landscape Architect for Mackin Engineers & Consultants, was present at the City Parks and Recreation Commission meeting to provide an overview of the Washington Park conceptual plan. It was noted that the Washington Park Plan has not yet been approved by the Commission or City Council and that the purpose of the presentation was to provide members of the public with an opportunity to view the highlights of the conceptual plan, ask questions, and provide input.